Jodie Maxwell Graduated from Bath Spa University in 2020 and currently resides in Bath, Somerset. Maxwell’s work attempts to investigate a sexually ambiguous identity. This may come across in the structures she makes with clay or fabric that resemble female and male genitalia. These sculptures reflect the artist's sexuality and interests into the shape and form of the penis and vagina. Research on plant sexuality and unisexual organisms are interwoven into Maxwell's artwork through organic shapes in drawings. As the 21st century rattles on, the construct of ‘gender’ is becoming more extensive and inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community. Works such as Cluster of Phallus (2019) stem from the statement that multiple genders exist and our gender identities are also varied.

The work explores the relationship between drawing and sculpture; and how these two mediums collaborate and develop artworks through drawing as a tool for primary investigation and sculpture as a way of representing more finalised works. Psychoanalysis: researched thoroughly by Freud, is an interpretation of the many things a phallus could be represented by. For example, phallus's can be represented by a tree, a stem, a stick, an umbrella, and a gun or weapon. This research is reflected in the many forms which the work takes shape of, like a stem in The Union of Two Parental Substances (2020). Freud also remarked that 'anything more elongated than it is wide could be a phallic representation'. Maxwell’s works are often abstracted cocks such as ‘Cluster of Phallus’ (2019) which represent our multifaceted culture of gender identities mingling together. Maxwell's artworks are an independent study on human sexuality and our connections to plant sexuality and nature. Human sexuality is not so unrelated and unconnected to that of plants. Maxwell's work is multi-disciplinary; her embroideries reflect a long history of female crafters and is celebratory of how sewing and fiber artworks have finally broken into the fine art market and galleries. From Being taught to sew as a young child by her mother and learning to knit by her grandmother to using embroidery throughout her three years of university; textiles are paramount to the practice of Jodie K Maxwell and indeed the roots of many female artists today.


For me, sculpture is the body. My body is my sculpture

Louise Bourgeois




I am a recent graduate of (BA) Fine Art at Bath Spa University, and I have been working in and around the mediums of sculpture, installation and textiles.


Bath Spa University, 2018-2020

  • Fine Art (BA) 2:1 (expected)

Plymouth College of Art, 2017-18

  • Painting Drawing and Printmaking (BA), First year of degree

Enfield County School, (2010-2017)

  • 3 A-levels in English Literature, Sociology and Fine art (ABB)

  • 9 GCSE’s (A*-C) Including Maths and English


From selling my mother’s homemade textiles in Covent Garden from a young age, I knew I was excited by the idea of making work and sharing it with a wider audience. This also allowed me to gain insight early on, on how to drive sales of handmade work. Participating in collaborative artworks in the sculpture studio at University with fellow artists has taught me that art isn’t always a solo adventure. A workshop in 2019 allowed me to mingle with MA students when learning to cast packaging materials. I am a self-taught machine embroiderer and photographer and use these skills to professionally advertise my artworks and myself as an artist on social media. I started a short course in 2020, although it never finished due to Covid -19, I learnt how to create a business, write a business plan and apply for loans and funding.


  • Working around the theme of the circus and the fairground we created a show where the central idea was to get people involved in exercises of making and exploring materials. These socially interactive works were being explored with the audience alongside an exhibition of our first-year works. This show was self- advertised and monetized, Plymouth College of Art, 2018

  • Open studios, Bath Spa University, November 2018.

  • Unnamed exhibition, Bath Spa University, May 2018

  • Exhibition and Art Sale, Shed Load of Crafts, North London, 2019.

Commissions and Sales

  • My Art Sale in 2019 led to making a substantial profit which has enthused the idea of self-employment and has driven future sales of my artworks. It has also given me the confidence to share my practice and engage in formal conversations about it with members of the public.



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